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Hi guys,
is it possible to access the generated metrics, specified in "additionalMetricsToRetain" without an security profile? I need the metric of "sent messages per device/thing" for a dashboard tool. It would be a waste to code it by myself if the metric is technically there. Even the aws console has an api to retrieve the data. Isn't that public or accessible via an sdk?


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Hi Patrick,

The generated metrics in 'additionalMetricstoRetain' in Device Defender are not accessible today via API.

You can create a security profile with only additional metrics to retain and observe metric trending over time per device in the AWS IoT console meanwhile.

If you need the metrics for other visualization/dashboarding purpose outside of the console, you will need to implement it with custom functions.

Hope this helps clarify. Let me know if you have any other questions.

answered 4 years ago

Hi Patrick, AWS IoT Device Defender recently launched the ListMetricValues API. You can use this API to fetch the metrics that Device Defender collects and stores. Here is the documentation of the API:

answered 2 years ago

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