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/Will AWS Glue Blueprints support trigger types other than a schedule?/

Will AWS Glue Blueprints support trigger types other than a schedule?


My blueprint needs require an S3 PutObject event to start a Glue ETL job. I only see On-Demand and schedule based triggers as options when creating a blueprint. Does anyone know of a method to create such a trigger within a blueprint or if more complex trigger types will eventually be supported?

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AWS Glue Blueprints currently supports only one starting trigger (on-demand or schedule). We do not have an ETA about the custom triggers on S3 events yet. Please feel free to open a support ticket and we will raise a PFR on your behalf.

For further more restrictions on AWS Glue Blueprints, please refer below link


answered 4 months ago
reviewed 3 months ago

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