AWS Batch: How to enable metrics on EC2 auto scaling groups?


AWS Batch creates auto scaling groups for managed EC2 compute environments. I would like to monitor the auto scaling behavior but these auto scaling groups are created with CloudWatch metrics disabled.

I have not found a way to configure a compute environment such that its auto scaling groups get created with metrics enabled. Is there a way to do this?

Ralf J
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Interesting question !!

For Autoscaling Groups, AWS does collect metrics for the instances within an autoscaling group.

By default, basic monitoring is enabled for the autoscaling group. If you want detailed CloudWatch monitoring, you can enable that as well in the launch template:

More information here:

From there, you can then look at both Autoscaling metrics and EC2 metrics:

The metrics you see at the autoscaling group level will be aggregated for the ec2 instances within the autoscaling group and can be viewed here:

Hope this helps !!

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answered 2 years ago

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