Establishing connectivity via Direct Connect to Transit Gateway and Spoke VPC in different account

  1. How can I facilitate communication between a Direct Connect-connected Transit Gateway in US East 1 and a Spoke VPC in the US East 2 region which resides in a separate AWS account for my On prem Network.

Please correct me if I am wrong. if i need to follow the below steps to establish the connectivity

  1. Create TGW in us-east 2( same account where DX is) and peer with us east 1 TGW or can I skip peering the two tgw and directly attach the new TGW in US east 2 to my DX gateway ?

  2. Share the tgw in us east 2 to the spoke vpc in same region

  3. create vpc attachments for tgw in us east 2

Please advise

Ali Md
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Accepted Answer

Your topology would look like the one described here:

Basically think of DXGW for North - South connectivity (between AWS to on-premises) and think of TGW inter-region peering for connectivity between the two AWS regions. TGW peering would not be needed if you do not want connectivity between VPCs in us-east-1 and VPCs in us-east-2.

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answered 8 months ago
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