Cognito: multi region support


Is there a way to synch cognito user pool across 2 regions ? I have api gateway with cognito and cannot do x-region as cognito is specific to a region

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There is no out of the box way to sync all of the details from one region to another using Cognito. There are solutions like the Cognito user profiles export reference architecture. However, that won't sync the passwords.

You should be able to have API Gateway and the Cognito User Pool in different regions without a problem.

answered 2 years ago
  • It's a bad design on AWS part and blunder is trying to make something unhelpful with that reference architecture. Absolutely unhelpful


basically aws forces you to run app in single-region but telling to run in multi region during the re:invent etc. What's the point of that dev guide to "sync" cross-region if passwords won't sync and users won't be able to login?....


answered 2 years ago

So there is no way to have a 100% cross region resilience. In region 1 and 2 will share the cognito of region 1. I have a serverless stack api gateway > lambda > dynomodb - but because of cognito cannot call it a resilient system.

answered 2 years ago

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