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IVS - live streaming issue - Starvation start


Yesterday I streamed a live event to IVS. most of the event was live, but between the live parts, we streamed pre-recorded video clips. Each time we played a pre-recorded video Amazon ivs console alert that we have "Starvation start", when we switched back to the live part we got "Starvation end" during the pre-recorded clips the audience complained that the video buffered and paused a lot. In the live parts, everything was good. can someone please help me understand why this happened each time I streamed pre-recorded video? thanks for all the help!

1 Answers

Please check the following to determine possible causes

  • When switching to the pre-recorded content, make sure the live source is no longer connected to the IVS input. Simultaneous sources will cause ingest conflict.
  • Is the pre-recorded content being sent to IVS with a bit rate less than 8Mbps? If a source is greater than 8Mbps this may cause problems with the IVS ingest process and a Starvation error could occur.
answered 7 months ago

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