How to search all the amazon connect customer profiles using API?


Hi, everyone.

I am struggling with searching all the amazon connect customer profiles at once by using rest API.

I already know the API that retrieve one or more than two customer profiles via specific key name such as profile ID or account ID etc.

However not list all customer profiles.

Here's my javascript code for searching one profile.

            "DomainName": "", // required
            "KeyName": searchKey, // required
            "Values": [searchValue] // required
        }).then((res) => {
            console.log('Success response: ' + JSON.stringify(res));
        }).catch((errorResp) => {
            console.log('Error response: ' + JSON.stringify(errorResp));

In this code, I have to put 3 parameters(domainName, keyName, value) and get one or two more results but all the results.

Any help in the right direction on how to list all Amazon Connect Customer Profile would be greatly appreciated.

I hope to get all the amazon connect customer profile list.

1 Answer

currently, there is no public API or publicly available methods to list out all the profiles in one command. Please work with your Connect SA to request this feature and give your use case scenarios.

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answered 10 months ago

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