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/Export data from AWS ElasticSearch to AWS RDS instance using Logstash/

Export data from AWS ElasticSearch to AWS RDS instance using Logstash


We have Amazon ElasticSearch Cluster of version 7.10.0. We would like to export some data from ElasticSearch to RDS Table. We are already using Logstash to import some data into ElasticSearch. There is amazon_es plugin which can only be used as output plugin in logstash pipeline but for export, we are not able to find anything.

In our use case, there is some summarize data in Amazon ElasticSearch which we want to insert into RDS table. Let us know how can we do it?

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Hi there, currently logstash and AWS DMS only supports ES as the destination but not source. One closest option to achieve your use case is to use AWS Lambda to read data from Elasticsearch (1) and then insert data to Amazon RDS(2)



answered 4 months ago

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