Athena DocumentDB with GeoJSON data not working


We have connected Athena to a DocumentDB cluster with GeoJSON data stored inside. When trying to query these data we're getting following error: GENERIC_USER_ERROR: Encountered an exception[java.lang.RuntimeException] from your LambdaFunction[arn:aws:lambda:eu-west-1:<>:<>] executed in context[S3SpillLocation{bucket='<>', key='<>', directory=true}] with message[Error while processing field geoPoint] Is there any way to query GeoJSON data in DocumentDB from Athena? Query id: 138f4f39-a8d0-4cff-b0a3-357d2d310196

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The error - [Error while processing field geoPoint]seems to hint at syntax issue in processing the field geoPoint.

However, to be able to troubleshoot this further, our team would require information on the version of the connector, CloudWatch Logs of the Lambda Function, and metadata definition to be able to troubleshoot this issue.

Hence, could you please create a support case with our Athena team instead so that we may discuss details on your resource configurations?

Please do not post any sensitive information over re:Post since this is a public platform.

Additionally I would also recommend checking the following AWS Docs and Github space to reach out to the developers directly for Amazon Athena DocumentDB Connector issues -

As always, feel free to reach back with any further questions or concerns in the meantime!

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answered 2 months ago

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