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I am able to send emails from WorkMail okay, but cannot receive them in WorkMail. Even if I send FROM a WorkMail address TO the same WorkMail address, I do not receive the email, and I get no reply detailing what error was encountered. Can you help me determine what I need to do so that I can receive email in WorkMail? Thank you for your help.

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I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing problems receiving mail. This can have various reason but is easy to verify. To start you can check if your MX record points to WorkMail and only WorkMail (in the correct region). You can find the required MX record value in the domain details page in the WorkMail console. (This page will also inform you if it detects a incorrect value)

If you MX domain record correctly points to WorkMail you can verify that you do not have any failing SES inbound rules. In the SES console you can verify that the active Inbound rule only has a WorkMail action. If there are other actions, you need to make sure they work.

If that is all correct you can check the WorkMail console for configured inbound rules to ensure that no mail is dropped.

These steps should be enough to troubleshoot the inbound mailflow and enable you to receive mail in WorkMail.

Kind regards, Robin

answered 6 months ago
  • Hi, Robin. Thank you so much for your quick response. Using your suggestions above as a guide, I made the necessary changes and ensured everything was in order. Afterwards, my email inbox was able to receive email (thank you!!!), but all other email inboxes were still not able to receive. I made changes to one other inbox to confirm that it had the same specifications as my inbox, but that did not work. Now, I am back where I started - I cannot receive email in any of the inboxes and am unsure where I went wrong. I have deleted all email addresses except mine, to simplify troubleshooting. Is there any way you can check my account to help me zero in on where the problem lies?

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