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Want to use amazon_transcribe streaming service with flask.


Hi Team, I want to use amazon_transcribe python api. I have successfully integrated the api to my flask app. Here comes a small problem, the sample code provided in the amazon_transcribe documentation uses sounddevice library to take input from microphone but servers don't have microphone so I want to use microphone from client side i.e javascript. Can I get any sample code which takes microphone input from javascript and use the python amazon_transcribe for transcriptions. It will be good if I get javascript implementation of amazon transcription streaming library which takes input from client side and provides transcriptions.

asked 3 months ago28 views
1 Answer

Hi Team, I found a solution for this. I didn't find python solution but I did find nodejs solution. I integrated the nodejs code in my flask application. this link has the nodejs code.

answered 3 months ago

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