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Enabling Anti-Virus on an S3 Bucket


Hi, users will be uploading zip files to my S3 bucket directly through my website shop. To ensure security I would need 2 things from AWS.

  1. Anti virus scan for the uploaded zip files, if a detection occurs than we'd need to collect relevant incident details, ensure the file has no way to interact with anything and remove it completely.
  2. complete separation of the files on storage, that means that even if a file is corrupted and it somehow passed the anti-virus from step one than it will not be able to spread anywhere cause its will be contained in its own box.

Are this possible? if yes how can I start? Does AWS provide a scanner or do I need to purchase those from a 3rd party?

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Hi there

There isn't a managed service from AWS for S3 AntiVirus. However take a look at this previous re:post answer for some ideas. There are a few options on the AWS marketplace or you can build your own.

Here are a couple of blog posts that cover how to do this:

Integrating Amazon S3 Virus Scanning into Your Application Workflow with Cloud Storage Security

Amazon S3 Malware Scanning Using Trend Micro Cloud One and AWS Security Hub

Virus scan S3 buckets with a serverless ClamAV based CDK construct

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answered 6 days ago

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