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Aurora Serverless v2 without VPC



I'm trying to set-up a new Aurora Serverless v2 database. The documentation here mentions that VPC is not mandatory for V2 when comparing v1 vs. v2 features. However, I can't find any example and options to create an Aurora Serverless v2 database without a VPC.

Can Anyone point me in the right direction?


  • What type of db engine are you using to setup Aurora Serverless v2 database?

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1 Answers

Hi there,from the case notes I understand you want to launch an Aurora serverless v2 without deploying it in a VPC.

I launched an Aurora serverless v2 from my side and it is not possible to launch it without a VPC.

Please note,Aurora Serverless resides in the private subnet of a VPC and it is based on Aurora infrastructure and it relies on a VPC being there.

I will lodge a documentation review of where it means that Aurora Serverless v2 can be created without a VPC.

I have provided you with additional documentation under the reference section.

If you have any further questions , feel free to reply back.

Reference [1]



answered 24 days ago

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