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I am trying to use the Textract REST API using POSTMAN but not having any luck getting it working. I am receiving a Bad Request. Initially my Authentication was failing but it seems I have passed that now using Access and Secret key by setting an IAM user with full permission to Textract service.

I checked below steps in related post:

  1. Obtain the access key and secret key for the IAM user. - DONE

  2. Open Postman and create a new POST request. - DONE

  3. In the Authorization tab, select "AWS Signature" from the TYPE dropdown menu. - DONE

  4. In the Access Key field, enter the access key for the IAM user. - DONE

  5. In the Secret Key field, enter the secret key for the IAM user. - DONE

  6. In the AWS Region field, enter the region where you want to make the API call (e.g., "us-west-2"). - DONE (Used Sydney Region)

  7. In the Service Name field, enter "textract". - DONE

  8. In the Request URI field, enter the appropriate endpoint for the DetectDocumentText action. Add a JSON payload to the Body of the request with the necessary attributes and values to call the API. NOT WORKING

I am finding the issue here and am unable to get it working. I receive UnknownOperationException. I have attached the screenshots below for reference. Not sure what I am doing wrong. Any help I can get would be great. Thanks.




Body JSON Format

Request and Response

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I have resolved the issue. The Header value must be as below:

X-Amz-Target = Textract.DetectDocumentText

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