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Hello, I used mainly VPC to create some EC2 instances just to find out what about AWS products in my way to prepare for AWS's certificate. Finally i was surprosed that i was charged for 3 US dollars for februaray. All i did is to create a VPC with some subnetworks and soon. And the bill showed a particular range as EC2 Others which was the one who was charged to me. And the forcasted cost of this usage is about 60 US Dollars and still didn't use any ressource in realy production environnement. Please some explanation about that. And AWS should make something more free to let people learn about its products in purpose to prepare for its certificates.

Thank you

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In Cost Explorer, if you select "Usage type" as the dimension under Group by, can you post a screenshot of what you see as that'll help understand what is incurring the charges?

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i was surprosed that i was charged for 3 US dollars for februaray .... And the forcasted cost of this usage is about 60 US Dollars

We're not even halfway through February yet, so you can't have been charged anything - by that I mean I don't think you will have received an invoice from AWS for usage in February, and for which AWS will be taking payment from your credit card.

Are you seeing this when you initially login to AWS Console, in the section Cost and usage with headings Current month costs and Forecast month end costs?

These amounts are running totals before Free Tier (and any other credits) are applied. When your bill is calculated at the end of the month and an invoice is generated, your Free Tier entitlements will be applied to arrive at the final total.

Go to and it will show what your Free Tier entitlements are, and how much you have used of each so far.

Advice on tracking your Free Tier usage is here

It's probably worth reminding yourself about Free Tier limits for EC2, which is 750 hours of t2.micro or t3.micro each month (basically one instance running continuously all month, or two instances each running 375 hours, or three instances each running 250 hours, etc.) and 30GB of gp2 or gp3 storage per month. Free Tier also gives you 750 hours of public IPv4 address.

Advice on avoiding charges in Free Tier is here

Full details of what's in-scope of Free Tier (some items are free for 12 months, some for shorter, some forever, and some never) are here

Anything that's not listed here, assume it's chargeable. Pricing info for all services is here

When your bill comes in at the end of the month and you feel you have been billed for something unfairly, your best course of action is to log a billing support case

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