IP ADDRESS I need to redirect my domain name


Where do i find the IP of my aws account. I need to redirect my domain name from Godaddy. I can not find it. Where do i find this information

  • Afraid question isnt clear enough. Please provide more information

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To be clear, your AWS account itself has no IP address. Some of your resources may though. i.e. if you're trying to create an A record for an ec2 host, you could click on that instance in your ec2 console, get the IP, then do whatever you want with that.

answered a year ago
  • But be careful as it may well be that you are using an IP address which may be dynamic and subject to change. Do you have an elastic IP address? I think you might need one depending on your exact requirements.

  • I have received about three IP ADDRESS FROM ec2 and i have used them all in my godaddy domain and now my domain is not working. Do i have to use an ip address?

  • Is there an email address for a customer service that can help me directly. I am wasting time doing this. My domain name is not connecting.

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