Aws light sail Wordpress. Does it include phpmyadmin?


Is phpmyadmin installed to a light sail Wordpress instance? And how do I check? I used ssh and typed phpmyadmin —version But it wasn’t found I tried logging in to phpmyadmin with no success. I checked the bitnami directory and there is a phpmyadmin directory but it is empty. Is it installed and if so where would it be? I am also port forwarding and using but it’s not found. My database seems to be a Mariadb database. I assume it is used with phpmyadmin ? Or is there another way to edit the database. I just want to access my Wordpress tables.

  • You will need to create an SSGH tunnel to connect to myphpadmin. AWS LightSail uses a Bitnami WordPress image which is optimized for performance and security. It means you can’t just connect to your server and open phpMyAdmin. Also, it doesn’t come with a cPanel to provide additional tools to get your work done.

    For security reasons, most of the admin tools are only accessible on the localhost IP address of including phpMyAdmin.

    As the address is a local address, you need to create a secure SSH tunnel which will allow you to access those tools.

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No, Amazon Lightsail WordPress instances do not include phpMyAdmin by default. However, you can easily install phpMyAdmin on your Lightsail instance by following these steps:

Connect to your Lightsail instance using SSH.

Download the latest version of phpMyAdmin by running the following command:


Replace {version} with the latest version of phpMyAdmin available.

Extract the downloaded archive by running the following command:

tar xzf phpMyAdmin-{version}-all-languages.tar.gz

Rename the extracted directory to phpMyAdmin by running the following command:

mv phpMyAdmin-{version}-all-languages phpMyAdmin

Move the phpMyAdmin directory to the Apache web root directory by running the following command:

sudo mv phpMyAdmin /var/www/html/

Change the ownership of the phpMyAdmin directory to the Apache user by running the following command:

sudo chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/html/phpMyAdmin/

Restart the Apache web server by running the following command:

sudo service apache2 restart

Access phpMyAdmin by visiting http://your-instance-ip/phpMyAdmin in your web browser, replacing your-instance-ip with the IP address of your Lightsail instance. You should now be able to log in to phpMyAdmin using the MySQL credentials for your Lightsail instance.

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