Double lash redirection not working after ELB


When i am redirect // slash from nginx its working but when i keeping instances behind ELB then its not working can any one help regarding this.

Without ELB redirect working properly when request comes directly to EC2.

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Hi there,

I understand that your nginx is not working when your instance is behind the ELB. Please correct me if I misunderstood.

Your load balancer serves as a single point of contact for instance, once it is set behind it hence your nginx is not working. The issue might be the configuration of the load balancer as it needs to route traffic to your instance. To configure your load balancer, you must create target groups and then register targets with your target group for your load balancer to be effective, also create listeners to check for connection requests from clients and route requests from clients to the targets in your target group. Please refer to the outlined AWS documentation[1] on how to configure your Load balancer.

Reference links:


I hope you find this information useful.

answered 5 months ago

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