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Can not turn off Performance Insights


The purpose is to delete an old database (Size: db.m5.xlarge; DB Engine: 8.0.16 Version).

First, we tried to disable Delete Protection, but it shows an error message as below:

We're sorry, your request to modify DB instance prod-uptrade-db has failed. Performance Insights not supported for this configuration, please disable this feature.

Therefore, we tried to turn off Performance Insights by following this article ( However, after we clicked Modify, we can't find the Performance Insights section anywhere. Anyone can help? Thank you.

asked 5 months ago72 views
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Accepted Answer

I am not sure if you are running on RDS MySQL / MariaDB or Aurora MySQL. But there are certain instance types on which you cannot support Performance Insights.

RDS MySQL: [+] Performance Insights isn't supported for the following instance classes:

  • db.t2.micro
  • db.t2.small
  • db.t3.micro
  • db.t3.small

Aurora MySQL: [+] Performance Insights isn't supported for the following instance classes:

  • db.t2 – Not supported
  • db.t3 – Not supported
  • db.t4g – Supported only for 2.10.1 and higher 2 versions (compatible with MySQL 5.7) and all 3 versions (compatible with MySQL 8.0)
answered 5 months ago
  • Thank you for your reply. Our version is RDS MySQL 8.0.16, which doesn't support Performance Insights, but we don't know how it was enabled. We changed to a MySQL version number that supports Performance Insights, and then we were able to disable the feature and eventually delete the database.

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