AWS Cloud Design - Ps review


I am working on building a design for an enterprise and looking for input.

Use Case Scenario: An organization running the system uses a LAMP stack in On-Prem data center. They are building a new service using similar technologies, expected to have rapid growth in traffic in the next 1 to 3 months.

Organization wanted to have system address the following • scalability
• self-healing infrastructure • Lack of a DR capability. • High availability, and is low cost. • Security of data at rest and in transit. Need to consider the data migration from onprem

**Objective **to Migrate to a new AWS platform while delivering business value along the way Build a scalable, elastic and redundant architecture that allows application to organically scale with the increase of its use.

Solution Options:

System Design#1 System Design #1

And System Design#2 System Design#2

Please review if services has been used wisely and provide your comments.

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