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/DMS Migration MongoDB source and RDS Postgres as destination/

DMS Migration MongoDB source and RDS Postgres as destination


I want to start existing and ongoing replication from source MongoDB to destination RDS Postgres.

All the security network is done and successful.

  1. RDS VPC and DMS VPC are connected using VPC peering, target endpoint test connection status is successful
  2. DMS VPC IP is added in another AWS account MongoDB server, source endpoint test connection status is successful
  3. In the Endpoint schemas section both database schemas are visible.

Created a DMS migration task to start the migration of one document of MongoDB to Postgres Database.

  • Premigration assessments were successful.
  • Empty scheme with the MongoDB schema name got created in PostgresDB.
  • The table awsdms_apply_execution is also empty in Postgres DB.

But the task shows running with error and error, and cloud watch logs also show no error.

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Accepted Answer

hello there.

I hear the DMS task is running with errors. This could be due to multiple reasons. Please kindly ensure check the below:

DMS task table statistics. This will help see which tables failed Full Load phase as this can cause "running with errors"

Turn on logging level to detailed debug for SOURCE_UNLOAD and TARGET_LOAD to see more information on table failures.

Ensure that the DMS replication instance has enough resource for the DMS task (.i.e. CPU, Storage, Memory)

Filter through the DMS task log and try find log entry with "]E:" or "]W:" this will display DMS task errors and warnings.

If the above does not work, please try testing with a Full load only DMS task. If the issue persists further please open a support case with AWS Premium Support to get an in-depth look at the DMS task failure


to migrate using MongoDB as a source for AWS DMS for example there are permissions needed which can be found in the below document and other requirements too can be found on the below document


to migrate using postgres as a target there are also requirements that needs to be considered can be found on document below


answered 20 days ago

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