Route Public IPv4 Address within VPC


A customer wants to route one specific IPv4 address (which is an EIP of another EC2 instance) within a VPC, but different subnet. Is this possible? Setting up an entry in the 2 route tables does not seem to work. Ping via private IP works, but not public IP.

Route Table 1:

  • 172.31/16 local
  • igw
  • TargetInstance

Route Table 2:

  • 172.31/16 local
  • igw
  • SourceInstance
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Accepted Answer

You can do that, but you will need to disable source/destination checking:

Source/destination checking

Disabling source/destination checking enables an instance to handle network traffic that isn't specifically destined for the instance. For example, instances running services such as network address translation, routing, or a firewall should disable the source/destination check attribute. This attribute is enabled by default

answered 2 years ago

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