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/how to create aws stream with cli input json file/

how to create aws stream with cli input json file



I am trying to follow the instructions in ( to create a stream for my application purpose. however, when following the instruction in the doc, I was stuck at trying to following step (, there's a json file as follows, how do I create this json file ? Thanks in advance.

Contents of create-stream.json:

    "streamId": "stream12345",
    "description": "This stream is used for Amazon FreeRTOS OTA Update 12345.",
    "files": [
            "fileId": 123,
            "s3Location": {
    "roleArn": "arn:aws:iam:123456789012:role/service-role/my_ota_stream_role"
2 Answers


you can create the json file with the editor of your choice or also programmatically.



answered 24 days ago
  • Hi, Philipp,

    how do I get the following values in the example json file:

    1 . "fileId": 123,

    1. "key":"48c67f3c-63bb-4f92-a98a-4ee0fbc2bef6"

    Thanks, EngineerY


I found the answer in AWS documentation from a few layered links, I really think AWS could improve this guide to provide step by step instruction. please help close this issue.

answered 18 days ago

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