Will be applied promotional credit for Elastic IP?



Our company has applied all elastic ip (EIP). That is cheked at EC2 "Service Quotas" page (5 applied from 5 default quota value).

Also, we have a credit, and by the terms and conditions (https://aws.amazon.com/awscredits/) the "promotional Credit will be applied only to the specific Services designated by your AWS contracting entity (collectively, “Eligible Services”)". The list of services (according to "Billing > Credit" page) that can be used with the associated credit include EC2 but in the list is not expressly written EIP as a service.

So, will our company be charged outside from the credit for every new EIP above the default quota?

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First of all, regarding credits, - yes, if you have promotional credits for EC2, these credits do cover any Elastic IPs for which you are charged, because EIPs are part of EC2 service: https://aws.amazon.com/ec2/pricing/on-demand/

However, please note that you are NOT charged depending on your quotas. You are charged depending on the usage. Also, you will not be able to create any additional EIPs above the quota. For that you would have to increase your quota.

With Elastic IPs - you are NOT charged for it if EIP is attached to a resource (e.g. EC2 instance, network interface). But if you don't use your EIPs, and it remains unattached (you can see the status in the console or using API) - this is when you will pay a fee for the Elastic IPs that you allocate to your account. You can check more info on the pricing page: https://aws.amazon.com/ec2/pricing/on-demand/

You may be able to request the increase of your account quotas for particular service or feature, but this does not impact your billing. What does impact the billing is your actual usage. So, for example... let's say if you have a limit of 5 EIPs. And let's say you already created 5 EIPs. As long as all 5 EIPs are attached to a resource - you are not charged for them. If you request to increase that quota, let's say, to 10 EIPs, and then you create extra 5 EIPs and keep them unused (not attached to any resource) - then you will be charged a fee for each unattached EIP.

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  • Just to add to this great response. Do you need Elastic IPs for NAT Gateways or for more static public IP addressing of your services? Just wanted to check as you also get Public IP addresses on EC2 Instances automatically without need to reserv and allocate Elastic IP addresses.

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