Single VHDX with different application config per user



I am looking to see if this possible, i have a single application (C#) that works with a *.config file. Each config file needs to be different per site.

What, if possible, would be the easiest/cleanest way of accomplishing this using AppStream 2.0?

Preferably keeping a single VHDX.

This will have a custom flow using Cognito and SQL database for users/sites with a streaming URL being produced for users to login.

Or is it a case of a full (AppBlock, Application, Fleet and Stack, VHDX) per site with the config in the VHDX?

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If the sites are geographically distributed, you may want to create a stack in different Regions to get your workload closer to your end users.

You could include all the config files, and then use session context to select the config file that is needed. Using session context lets you set it dynamically with a SAML attribute.

Look at the example for Firefox. You can make a small script that passes the config file as an argument to your application.

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answered 16 days ago
  • Is this possible without using the ImageBuilder? I am using the elastic option which currently doesnt allow custom images :(

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