AWS IoT Custom Authorizer Not working for HTTP GET GetRetainedMessage


I have implemented a custom authorizer for my AWS IoT and it is working fine for publishing messages. But returns "Internal Server Error" if I tried to fetch retained messages via HTTPS. Policies seems to be fine and the lambda function is executing correctly as per the logs. Any help is much appreciated.

{ "message": "Internal Server Error", "traceId": "975693ad-b482-2e21-8686-60f8392cfd4a" }

1 Answer

Thank you for reaching out to AWS,

Along with your report of this issue, we received other reports where users who used Custom Auth and Retained Message APIs encountered Internal Server Errors when fetching data. The development team has fixed this issue as of June 24.

Please let us know if the issue persists on your end and we will be happy to assist further.

answered 4 months ago
reviewed 4 months ago

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