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MWAA apache-airflow-providers-amazon DAGS can't import operator


I'm trying to use newest package for Amazon integration in MWAA.
In this particular case I want to use GlueJobOperator which is a part of the latest apache-airflow-providers-amazon package. (Link to the documentation)

MWAA Airflow version: 2.2.2

I added this to the requirements.txt:


and tried to import it and use it like in the examples:

from import GlueJobOperator

glue_job = GlueJobOperator(

Unfortunately, whenever DAG is parsed I get this error:


    from import GlueJobOperator
ImportError: cannot import name 'GlueJobOperator' from '' (/usr/local/lib/python3.7/site-packages/airflow/providers/amazon/aws/operators/

It's not my first rodeo with MWAA and some extra packages, plugins etc. but I am lost. In this case, I tried many things, went through docs from cover to cover and I still couldn't find the reason. I verified in MWAA that packages were successfully installed both in the logs and in the UI with the version prompted in requirements.txt.

Package NameVersionDescription
apache-airflow-providers-amazon4.0.0Amazon integration (including Amazon Web Services (AWS)).

Fun fact: I'm using S3Hook in some other DAGs and it parses just fine.

from import S3Hook

s3_hook = S3Hook()

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