How to remove an Instance from Auto Scaling group


Hi, Help needed, for some reason I now have 6 instances running vs 1 previously, which is costing me a lot more money. I have tried to stop 5 of the instances but as they are part of an Auto Scaling group they have all kicked in again. I cannot see how to remove the instances from the Auto Scaling group they are part of.
How do I remove the instances from the Auto Scaling group? Thanks

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I think you have two options. Firstly you can adjust your Auto Scaling Group to have a smaller maximum size.

Alternatively you can remove nodes from the Auto Scaling Group and then terminate them as you wish:

answered a year ago
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reviewed 4 months ago
  • Hi Alex K, thanks for your answer, I have tried the first option and I have now been able to reduce the maximum capacity on 2 of my Auto scaling groups and already my total instances running have reduced from 6 to 4 - thank you very much. I will also try your second option later so hopefully I can reduce my total instances running to 1.


Hi Alex, thanks very much, I did the 2nd option too and have now further reduced my instances down to 2.

answered a year ago

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