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/Continues Replication between RDS MYsql to Keyspace Cassandra/

Continues Replication between RDS MYsql to Keyspace Cassandra


Want to know which AWS service will help me to transfer data from RDS to Keyspaces Cassandra on real time basis. #Case I am using RDS MYSQL as a production database and i have also created a read replica for the same. Now i want that as and when new data updated on my database then it automatically transferred to keyspace cassandra for further use.

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You probably need to use AWS DMS service. The path should be MySQL->DMS->Kinesis->Lambda->Keyspace. However you can also check, maybe DMS has build in support for Keyspaces as a target

answered 2 months ago
  • Using DMS than kinesis will add more cost to organization. DMS not available for keyspace as target

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