ResourceLimitExceeded exception but I have Quota


I am not able to to start a SageMaker notebook neither a SageMaker training job with ml.c5.xlarge (or any other instance type). I checked on "Quota Services", and I clearly have quotes for both tasks.

  • 1 in "applied quota value" for "ml.c5.xlarge for notebook instance usage".
  • 15 in "applied quota value" for "ml.c5.xlarge for training job usage".

Of course I am checking in the same region I try to work: "us-east-1". I have researched for several days, and all forum suggests to ask for a limit increase. Nevertheless, I already have quota (limits) available. Nevertheless, when I try to start the Jupyter notebook, it raise the exception The account-level service limit 'ml.c5.xlarge for notebook instance usage' is 0 Instances, with current utilization of 0 Instances and a request delta of 1 Instances. Please contact AWS support to request an increase for this limit. It is strange because the exception says that I have a limit of 0 instances, while the quota list services says I have 1.

Here's the output of the command service-quotas list-service-quotas

            "ServiceCode": "sagemaker",
            "ServiceName": "Amazon SageMaker",
            "QuotaArn": "arn:aws:servicequotas:us-east-1:631720213551:sagemaker/L-E2BB44FE",
            "QuotaCode": "L-E2BB44FE",
            "QuotaName": "ml.c5.xlarge for training job usage",
            "Value": 15.0,
            "Unit": "None",
            "Adjustable": true,
            "GlobalQuota": false
            "ServiceCode": "sagemaker",
            "ServiceName": "Amazon SageMaker",
            "QuotaArn": "arn:aws:servicequotas:us-east-1:631720213551:sagemaker/L-39F5FD98",
            "QuotaCode": "L-39F5FD98",
            "QuotaName": "ml.c5.xlarge for notebook instance usage",
            "Value": 1.0,
            "Unit": "None",
            "Adjustable": true,
            "GlobalQuota": false,
            "UsageMetric": {
                "MetricNamespace": "AWS/Usage",
                "MetricName": "ResourceCount",
                "MetricDimensions": {
                    "Class": "None",
                    "Resource": "notebook-instance/ml.c5.xlarge",
                    "Service": "SageMaker",
                    "Type": "Resource"
                "MetricStatisticRecommendation": "Maximum"

I strongly appreciate your help, because I have no way to open a SageMaker training job for several days. Thanks.

  • I am also having this issue with 2 different AWS accounts. I'm completely unable to continue forward with my testing and development until my quota increase requests for training job instances are resolved. It seems absolutely insane to me that one of Amazon's flagship services is completely unusable at the moment without opening support tickets and waiting several days for a response.

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There was a recent AWS Supports You episode on Twitch,, where several re:Post questions were covered. You can see an answer to this question at the 28.57 mark.

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