Having Safari see new AWS certificate


Here is the issue. I was using a 'letsencrypt' certificate for my website. It seemed to be working except when pulling up the site via the safari browser on the iphone it would give the error -- 'This connection is Not Private this website may be impersonating....'. When viewing the certiificate is shows the letsencrypt certificate details, which seems to be still valid. In any event I decided to switch over to use the AWS issued certificate. I have created a certificate in the AWS certificate manager and hooked it up to classic load balancer which is hooked up to the running instance. Also in the ubuntu terminal I have renamed the current /etc/letsencrypt director to /etc/letsencrypt_save. For some reason when I access safari it is still looking at the letsencrypt certificate not at the new AWS certificate. How do I get it to access the new aws certificate?

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1 Answer

The lets encrypt certificate did not have the www alias. That is why it was working on some but not safari.

answered 3 years ago

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