How can I see the remaining time when resizing Redshift cluster?


I have tried resizing the Redshift cluster.

In this article:

To check the status of your resize operation using the Amazon Redshift console, choose the Status tab on the cluster details page. The Status tab shows the average rate of transfer, the elapsed time, and the remaining time.

However, when I resizing the cluster, I can not see the remaining time in the status. I want to ask: is it possible to check remaining time?

Screenshot when I try resizing here:

Thank you so much!

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1 Answer

Hello, I tried a similar test at my end and was able to see that the Time remaining and Time elapsed (in my case ) are not getting populated. I will reach out to the internal team to provide more information on it. For now, you can try using the CLI operation ->aws redshift describe-resize --cluster-identifier mycluster ,in case you need to check that information for any of the other resizes ->

answered 2 years ago

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