Unable to Create a new Instance on a mac1 Dedicated Host


If I create a dedicated Mac host, I have no problem creating my "First Instance". But if I terminate that instance and go to create a second instance (I have allowed time for the first instance to clean up / terminate properly) I cannot connect to this second (or if I try a third time, third) instance by ssh. Any suggestions?

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Any feedback?

answered 2 years ago

I have the same issue with some mac1 dedicated hosts - the host appears to not be actually connected to the network: any instance running on it will fail in the "Instance reachability check", and you get no monitoring data for that instance (CPU usage and such) even though the "System reachability check" succeeds - supposedly. When you are in this status, you are basically fubared:

  • Any instance you launch on that host will never be able to be connected to.
  • There is no way to prevent a launch request from hitting that host, even though you know it will fail.
  • You cannot release the host, even though it is definitely broken and you must continue to pay for its 24 hour minimum usage.
  • There is no way to report to Amazon that you have an issue. Possibly if you bought into the >$100 "Business" support plan, you could report that, but I have poor experience with AWS support being nor responsive nor helpful, and as I'm currently sans-plan, buying a support plan is several times more expensive than just suffering for a day until I can kick that host out.
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