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/API Gateway 524 Response/

API Gateway 524 Response


I have an endpoint in API Gateway that I POST to, and most of the time it is successful. However, sometimes I'll receive status 524 in response with no message. Does anyone have any insight about this? I haven't been able to find any documentation related. Thanks!

  • May I know what is the target for your API Gateway?

  • @Manikandan yes, the target is a lambda function. if it helps, I'm using HTTP API.

1 Answers

Looking for error 524, it seems it is a CloudFlare timeout error. Do you have CloudFlare in front of your API? The default timeout is defined as 100 seconds.

answered 2 months ago
  • hey! sorry for the delayed response. I was on PTO. I looked into it and yes we do have CloudFlare in front. Per the docs for that error, it is due to no response from AWS APIGateway within 100 seconds. Is there any reason our call to API Gateway would hang for 100+ seconds without any response? I can't find anything about that with my searching.

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