Seeking Advice: Best AWS Pricing Model for Deploying Laravel App


Hello AWS community,

I'm in the process of deploying a Laravel application on AWS. While exploring AWS pricing options, I'm seeking guidance on determining the most suitable pricing model: on-demand, reserved instances, or savings plans (whether upfront payment or monthly).

My application comprises two components:

User Side: This aspect of the application caters to end-users and is anticipated to attract a minimum of 50 users per day.

Admin Side: The admin side is designed for internal use, with approximately 15 employees accessing it daily.

Considering the usage patterns outlined above, I'm looking for insights into which pricing model would be the most cost-effective and scalable solution for both the user and admin sides of the application.

Any advice, recommendations, or experiences shared would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

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Here's a breakdown of the most cost-effective and scalable pricing models per hour for your Laravel application on AWS, considering both user and admin sides, I could have suggested AWS App Runner but it is slightly costly than the services mentioned below.

User Side (50+ Daily Users)Amazon EC2 with On-Demand InstancesVaries based on instance type (e.g., t2.micro starts at ~$0.009)Pay-as-you-go flexibility, scales with trafficFluctuating user traffic
Admin Side (15 Daily Users)Amazon EC2 with Reserved Instances (RIs)Discounted compared to on-demand (up to 75% savings)Significant cost savings with upfront commitmentConsistent and predictable admin usage (1 or 3-year commitment)
Admin Side (15 Daily Users)Amazon LightsailFixed monthly price based on VM plan (starts at ~$3.50/month)Predictable monthly cost, simple managementPredictable admin usage, unsure about long-term commitment
  • Remember, the best pricing model depends on your specific usage patterns and cost tolerance. It's recommended to, monitor your application's resource usage: Use services like Amazon CloudWatch to track resource utilization and identify opportunities for optimization.


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