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I have a domain on Route 53 and I'd like to use my own private server (NAS) to host my site. My server is publicly accessible but it is behind a dynamic IP. I also have a Dynamic DNS with dynu. My question is how can I setup my domain to get my servers latest/current IP address?

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Hello -

One way to do this if you are using dynamic DNS tools like dynu or DuckDNS is that you create a CNAME record for one of your subdomains such as www.yourdomain.com with the value of the dynamic DNS service domain name.

You can also refer to the following post highlighting how you could implement automation to update records directly in R53. Note you can also modify the code and make API calls to R53 in your local machine vs Lambda.

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  • Thank you for your reply. I've seen examples of this execution but it seemed that I had to add a prefix to my domain. For example it would mean entering www.prefix.yourdomain.com Rather than simply www.yourdomain.com

    In addition I'd like to ensure the domain you see in the browser stays as the originally entered domain and it is not forward to another domain name.

  • In that case you will need to deploy machinists to dynamically update records in R53, similar to how dynu works under the hood. I will update my original answer with a post.

  • Many Thanks for that.


You can simply have your instance update the record in Route 53 to point to the new IP address.

For example:

# Update Route 53 Record Set based on the Name tag to the current Public IP address of the Instance
MY_IP=$(curl -s

aws route53 change-resource-record-sets --hosted-zone-id $ZONE --change-batch '{"Changes":[{"Action":"UPSERT","ResourceRecordSet":{"Name":"'$NAME_TAG'","Type":"A","TTL":300,"ResourceRecords":[{"Value":"'$MY_IP'"}]}}]}'

For a full example of this process, see: Amazon Route 53: How to automatically update IP addresses without using Elastic IPs - DEV Community

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