Error while deploying MWAA using Cloudformation


Encountering the following error

2022-09-16 15:25:42 UTC+0530	MwaaEnvironment	CREATE_FAILED	Resource handler returned message: "null (Service: Mwaa, Status Code: 403, Request ID: de70d88f-383a-43bb-91a7-4ebdee31223e)" (RequestToken: fe034e51-e5e2-73e9-3616-0bd928d64a1f, HandlerErrorCode: AccessDenied)

Not sure which resource access is denied.

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You can make use of AWS CloudTrail to view failed events during the stack failure time that helps identify which action was denied for the userIdentity initiating the operation.

If you need granular review of your environment, we require details that are non-public. Therefore, kindly open a support case with AWS using the following

answered a year ago

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