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Is there any way to update the RHEL for SAP from version 7.6 to version 7.9? I've only managed to get the access to 7.7 repositories by manually changing the releasever file. The 7.8 and 7.9 repositories doesn't seem to exist, probably because not being supported.

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You may follow the steps mentioned in the article https://access.redhat.com/articles/5805571#aws "How to update RHEL from 7.* to 7.9 on Cloud images with the "RHEL for SAP with High Availability and Update Services" subscription"

Take the following steps on the RHEL 7.x system:

Before performing the update, please ensure all steps of the Prerequisites section of the current document have been completed. Prerequisites Before performing the update,

make sure that the target OS version is certified and compatible for the corresponding SAP system, check on SAP notes/documentation on OS update of your SAP system, and particularly information about how to stop SAP processes and make a backup. SAP processes should be stopped during the OS update procedure. back up your SAP system and store it at location different from a node(s) which you are going to update, root access or sudo access is needed to perform the update OS operations, reboot is required timing of the update procedure varies and depends on multiple factors, e.g. instance type, downloading speed, size of packages to be downloaded, etc + reboot operation.

If you use RHEL 7.5 and earlier, you can't fetch content from RHUI, since the RHUI client configuration package installed on these old images points to RHUI 2, which is not supported anymore. Consequently, you can't download the SAP bundle package, required for updating a system to 7.9, directly from your VM. Instead, please open a case with Red Hat or AWS support to get the package, depending on whose customer you are. With the package obtained from either support team, uninstall RHUI 2 client configuration RPMs by running rpm -e $(rpm -qa rh-amazon-rhui-client*), and start from step 4 in the procedure below, skipping all previous steps, which are only applicable to RHEL 7.6 and later.

  1. Download the RHUI client package for RHEL for SAP 7.9:

yumdownloader rh-amazon-rhui-client-sap-bundle

  1. Uninstall the currently installed RHUI client package for SAP:

rpm -e rh-amazon-rhui-client-sap-bundle-*

  1. Unset the version which was originally set in yum configuration:

rhui-set-release --unset

If the above command doesn’t work for you, please use

rm /etc/yum/vars/releasever

and request your Cloud Provider to upgrade RHUI version.

  1. Install the new RHUI client package, which you downloaded in the first step or obtained from Red Hat or AWS support:

rpm -i rh-amazon-rhui-client-sap-bundle*

Note: An asterisk is used in the previous command to allow the actually downloaded package version to be installed, so that this document does not have to be updated every time the package is updated. You can now delete the file, optionally:

rm rh-amazon-rhui-client-sap-bundle*

  1. The system can now be updated to RHEL 7.9:

yum update

  1. Complete the update by rebooting the system:


  1. After reboot, werify the installed release is RHEL 7.9:

cat /etc/redhat-release

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 7.9 (Maipo)

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