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A customer is trying to see the total cost for Lambda@Edge functions. The assigned cost tags for Lambda@Edge isn't showing on cost explorer. He can only see the cost of Lambda@Edge per region. Is there a way to see the cost for Lambda@Edge either per function or all functions across all regions instead of per region?

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As to documentation, tags cannot be applied to Lambda@Edge resources, which I take it to be that tags are not applicable once Lambda@Edge functions are deployed.

The only viable way to show cost per Lamba@Edge function is to use Cost and Usage Report, with query like below. Please note that both Lambda-Edge-GB-Second and Lambda-Edge-Request usage types are included. ` SELECT line_item_resource_id as Resource, SUM(CAST(line_item_unblended_cost AS decimal(16,8))) AS TotalSpend FROM

<table name> WHERE (year='2021') AND (month='01') AND line_item_product_code = 'AmazonCloudFront' AND line_item_usage_type LIKE '%Lambda-Edge%' AND line_item_line_item_type = 'Usage' GROUP BY line_item_resource_id ORDER By TotalSpend DESC; `

I would also remind that you need to consider CloudWatch log cost for Lambda@Edge function as well, which you would have to use CUR to analyze cost per log group for each function.

answered 2 years ago

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