How do I Read PrincipalTags from Cognito Identity?


Suppose I have a Cognito Identity Pool. I want to grab info about the user itself rather than their Cognito Identity ID.

Is there any way to read off the principal tags from the assumed Cognito Identity or the underlying IAM Role?

Alternatively I could parse the "sub" attribute from the oidc provider (via the cognito identity's amr block) and work backwards with the identity provider to get more info... but this is resource intensive and I see no reason why I can't access the principal tags passed into the cognito identity...

1 Answer

Currently there is not a way to pull User data in the way you are looking. Once the Identity Pool is leveraged, the ID is all that is available to track actions within AWS. The Identity Pool only handles the Auth Z portion of the transaction and does not keep or pass along user data even if leveraging Cognito UserPools.

answered 3 months ago

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