error "Server process exited without calling ProcessEnding" shows up even I confirmed process ending is called in auxproxy.log with UE5.0.1 release


from this image, we can see that the game session, 53E1A6ED-EB5B-418A-89E8-D773682B70AB in the fleet fleet-76e80f57-a589-444f-ba49-664672c2f9e6 didn't call process ending before terminate the process. But when I check the logs in auxproxy.log in /local/whitewater/Logs/, here, we can see the game session 53E1A6ED-EB5B-418A-89E8-D773682B70AB is the process fb528fcf-ac19-45d0-9750-a28bebf4da11 in the fleet instance. But from here, we do see the it has received the process ending message for process fb528fcf-ac19-45d0-9750-a28bebf4da11. And the process is closed hundreds milliseconds after "Marking process fb528fcf-ac19-45d0-9750-a28bebf4da11 as unavailable for game sessions" log is printed.

it only happens on UE5.0.1 release. Can you tell me how it determine the process closed without calling process ending? is there any other condition except process ending is called or not?


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it's because linux server built with UE5 always returned with 139 exit code.

answered 2 years ago

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