How to delete an active instance in the detector model?


Hello: How I can delete an instance of the detector model? I mean, for each input with different key, a new instance is created from the detector model. If at some point I want to delete that particular instance, how can I do that? I couldn't get any information on that.


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AWS IoT Events has released a new API for deleting the detectors in batches.

answered 6 months ago

The AWS IoT Events service does not define an explicit API for removing a detector instance. This is because there is no ongoing cost for the instance when it is not used. What is the use case for deleting an instance?

edit: please see Harshil's more recent answer

answered 10 months ago
  • No specific use case...It's just getting too messy to manage having a lot of instances, where many are no longer being used...

  • The use case is to be able to clean up as it gets very messy to manage it during development

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