Is it possible to make EFS publicly accessible?


I want to make a EFS publicly access to a client. Is there any way to make the File system public? I have attached it to a public subnet but it still gets a private IP. Is it even possible?

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Hi! If you're looking to share EFS with a client, I would recommend against making it completely publicly accessible.

You can share EFS with other accounts via IAM:

You will need to mount it with IAM:

If it must be publicly accessible via networking, I would suggest ensuring the IAM policies on EFS lock down access to only the client and no one else.

You could also look into EFS Access Points:

Edited based on the poster's comment below. Amazon does not allow these to be assigned public IPs: "File system mount targets can't have public IP addresses associated with them"

To allow network connectivity from your client, you could do VPC Peering or use a Transit Gateway.

answered 2 years ago
  • I have went through the docs. The problem is EFS file system needs a VPC and hence everytime a private IP is assigned to the share. I am not able to get a Public IP assigned to the File System. How do i make a EFS publicly accessible?

  • As per the answer above: You can't make EFS filesystems public. It's generally a really bad idea to make filesystems public - I would find another way to do whatever it is you're trying to do. Perhaps ask that as a question?


Maybe this is what you are looking for? Using AWS Transfer Family to access files in your Amazon EFS file system. You can access the files via SFTP instead of NFS.

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answered 2 years ago

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