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Attempting to start GameLiftLocal server and game session but failing with 404


I would like to test my UE4 project with gamelift local but I am running into an issue with the AWS CLI. I have successfully started the GameLiftLocal.jar and GameLiftServer.exe with the command line. I am now calling the command " aws gamelift create-game-session --endpoint-url http://localhost:9080 --maximum-player-session-count 2 --fleet-******

An error occurred (404) when calling the CreateGameSession operation: <html><head><title>Not Found</title></head><body><h1>404 Not Found</h1></body></html>

Everything compiled and packaged without any issues. I do not even know where to look to find the bug. The AWS documentation says error 404 is MalformedQueryString but I dont know what this means.

Has anyone run into this problem before or can give me some direction? Help would be greatly appreciated.

asked 2 years ago13 views
1 Answers

Firstly, run GameLift local jar on the command line so you can see its logs and to ensure you set the correct port java -jar GameLiftLocal.jar -p 9080

  • Make sure you see GameLift local start up without issues
  • Ensure your windows firewall is not blocking connections (if on Windows)

Now to make a Game Session, you need to ensure:

  • GameLift local shows you called InitSDK and ProcessReady
  • Then check that GameLift local has seen your create game session call

The 404 could be from GameLift local service but its more likely that its from GameLift local talking to your local server.

Good luck

answered 2 years ago

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