TooManyRequestsException when create Custom Domain name


When creating custom domain name{my-domain}.dk as region endpoint type and TLS 1.2 we are getting "Too Many Requests". There are no other custom domains names in the account and the ACM certificate exists with *.ci.{my-domain}.dk and a additional name of ci.{my-domain}.dk that has been validated.

Has anyone else seen this error before ? I dont get the "Too Many Requests", since even if we dont call this for several days we are not able to create the custom domain name. It works when I try todo it in eu-central-1 but not in eu-west-1 (where I need the custom domain name)

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Hi there! hmm interesting, it seems like this might be a quota issue regarding custom domain names in API gateway. According to the API Gateway quotas documentation, you can create up to 600 custom domain names per Region per account, and you can make up to one request per 30 seconds to create or delete a custom domain name. This might be the reason why it works in eu-central-1 and not 2. Have a look here at the docs about regional API endpoints: If you find my answer useful, it would be much appreciated if you could accept it :) I tried my best to give you a step-by-step breakdown on some things you can try below:

If you are getting the TooManyRequestsException error when creating a custom domain name, you can try this:

  1. Check if you have reached the quota limit for custom domain names in your Region and account. You can use the AWS CLI or the API Gateway console to list your existing custom domain names.

2.If you have reached the quota limit, you can either delete some of the unused custom domain names or request a quota increase from AWS Support.

  1. If you have not reached the quota limit, you can try to reduce the frequency of your requests to create or delete a custom domain name. You can use a retry mechanism with exponential backoff and jitter to avoid sending too many requests in a short period of time. If none of the above steps resolve the issue, you can contact AWS Support for further assistance.

Good luck! If this answer helps, please accept it as it will allow me to better help other people experiencing issues in AWS! Please reply if you find any issues and I will try my best to help :)

answered a year ago

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