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/How is Cloud Web Application Penetration Test Different from Conventional testing/

How is Cloud Web Application Penetration Test Different from Conventional testing


As above topic?

For normal web application testing we are only given a URL and normal web user account. What other things can we exploit from a cloud based url? For example? Misconfigured S3 Bucket I only have come across the following so far: When I run this do I need to have other parameter in place?

2ndly, is it necessary to do a ScoutSuite on a top of a typical testing:

Lastly, give a URL how to get the s3:// details?

2 Answers

For a standard penetration test where the tester is given a user login and the public URL of the web app, it does not matter where/how that app is hosted. The actions required to mitigate/remediate any findings might be different for an app running on AWS, but the test process itself should be the same.

For assessing the security of your AWS account more generally, there are a number of tools available:

For further assistance you might also consider engaging with a AWS Security Competency Partner - these partners are vetted by AWS and have a proven track-record of helping customers improve their cloud security posture.

answered 12 days ago

As JamesB mentioned, from a pure "Web-application" penetration testing point of view, the cloud itself is irrelevant.

One of the questions a lot struggle with is the following: what do we call validating any misconfigurations in the Cloud as Penetration testing, or rather, Security auditing of/for/in the cloud? One could be part of the other, or not at all.

In any case, to suggest specific tools, could you provide more info:

  1. Do you have access to the AWS accounts hosting the Web Application (such as ReadOnlyAccess)?
  2. Is the Web application hosted purely on S3, or EC2, ECS, EKS, etc?
  3. Or are you simply given a URL and a web-based user account and you are asked to perform a security pentest or audit purely from an attacker perspective on the internet?
answered 11 days ago

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