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/Cannot RDP to Amazon instance/

Cannot RDP to Amazon instance


I can no longer RDP onto the server. I takes a while on the configuring remote session and then it quits.

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There are many possible reasons, so you should follow the troubleshooting guide to check one by one.

Check out the troubleshooting below first.

"Remote Desktop can't connect to the remote computer"

Then you can troubleshoot using SSM.

  • AWSSupport-Troubleshoot RDP
  • AWSSupport-ExecuteEC2Rescue

If SSM is not available, you can also prepare a rescue instance and run EC2Rescue manually.

answered a month ago
  • thanks for the response, i managed to log back on. Not sure what the issue was I rebooted the instance a couple of times. Having said that now the machine is running very slow. Not sure why as nothing should have changed since prior to the reboot before I could not access it any longer. Any thoughts?

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