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What's really meaning of AWS Glue Error: ResourceNumberLimitExceededException


Hi everyone,

Recently, I faced the error ERROR - Failed to run aws glue job, error: An error occurred (ResourceNumberLimitExceededException) when calling the StartJobRun operation: Reached the limit while starting jon run while starting a run for job with name: my-job-name. while trying to start glue job via Airflow.

After I made some researches on internet, I found this might cause from "AWS Quotas Limit" but I don't really know which resource that I have exceeded?, error message and documentation ( didn't provide exact information that I can use it to open the request for escalating my quotas limit.

Additional Information: Currently I have all 47 glue jobs.

Please help.

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Can you check the AWS Service Quota for "Max concurrent job runs per account"? It might be 0 right now as there is an issue ongoing with several accounts were this limit sets to 0. And this then prevents any job from running (make sure it is the correct region)

answered 22 days ago
  • For my situation this solution is work, Thanks!

  • In additional, you should checkout the quotas that should not be equal 0 e.g. max task dpus per account, and then request AWS support to set it back to defualt value, the problem should be resolved.


Please, check if somehow you are not exceeding some service quota for Glue. See that Max jobs per trigger is 50. You mentioned 47 jobs, which is really close and potentially your code could maybe is trying to trigger more than once? Just a guessing, without access to code to take a look.

Some of them are soft limits that you can ask for an increase. If you believe there's some potential issue, please open a ticket to get support.

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answered 22 days ago
  • For my situation the solution in first comment fitted, Thanks for kindly answer.


I'm getting the same issue, all of the glue jobs that used to run normally before failed to run today. Max concurrent job runs per account is 0, also Max task dpus per account is 0, what happend?

answered 22 days ago
  • AWS had an issue affecting multiple accounts. Sadly this was not visible on any status page. We only learned about it because the limit did set to 0 for us and kept on being set to 0 every two hours after we requested the limit increase (and got an auto accept)

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