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SSL certificate with S3 bucket


I created 2 buckets in S3, one is main domain and the second one is subdomain both in the region of Mumbai. I want to include SSL certificate on my domain for that I acquired SSL certificate from ACM (Origin is Virginia) and made a cloudfront distribution to create connection between S3 bucket and SSL certificate, I successfully created distribution and linked it with main domain and created its records in DNS but still my domain is running on http instead of https.

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When your origin is an Amazon S3 bucket, your options for using HTTPS for communications with CloudFront depend on how you're using the bucket. If your Amazon S3 bucket is configured as a website endpoint, you can't configure CloudFront to use HTTPS to communicate with your origin because Amazon S3 doesn't support HTTPS connections in that configuration.

If you want to require HTTPS for communication between CloudFront and Amazon S3, you must change the value of Viewer Protocol Policy to Redirect HTTP to HTTPS or HTTPS Only.

Can you confirm if the above 2 requirements have been checked ?

Check the below articles and you ll be able to better configure and understand the same. [1]


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