What is the Load(CPU) utilization value in predictive scaling graph.


The value of y-axis in the Predictive scaling policy Graph (under Auto scaling group) is in thousands, but says Load (CPU) utilization. What metric is it? It says aggregated CPU usage across the group, but I have only 1 instance in my ASG (for testing purposes) but the graph shows about 2K of CPU utilization during peak. what does it mean, and what is the UNIT value for the y-axis of the graph?

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The load metric graph is SUM of the metric for the the full hour. So in your case it would be the SUM of all the CPU datapoints pushed by EC2 for every instance in the ASG. If you'd had 2 instances with the same load as this test one, the graph would show 4k. Predictive scaling is using this to find out the total load that was placed on the instance over the entire hour (since capacity predictions are currently made for whole hours)

answered a year ago

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